Conditions for adding, sharing, deleting and using materials

  1. In order to provide for sharing of study-related materials (hereinafter – the Materials), the website of eKool AS (hereinafter – the Service Provider) provides for the file-sharing environment available to every eKool user, whose school has activated the file sharing environment, for whom the school has set specific access rights and who has agreed with the conditions for adding, sharing, deleting and using materials (hereinafter – the User). The Service Provider and the User are hereinafter separately referred to as a Party and jointly as the Parties.
  2. These conditions regulate adding, sharing, deleting and using the Materials.
  3. The right to add, share, delete and use the Materials is provided by the school.
  4. Volume of the Materials that may be added by a school or a user is limited (School 1GB, user 1GB). The Service Provider has the right to charge an additional fee with regard to any volumes that exceed the set limitations.
  5. By adding the Materials the User confirms that
    1. he/she does not represent another person’s materials as his/her own;
    2. he/she is familiar with intellectual property rights and the Copyright Act and abides by them;
    3. the Materials added by him/her do not contain
      1. any information that is protected, sensitive, overly inciting, suggests inferiority, scary, abusive, threatening, does not comply with moral norms and the Advertising Act along with other inappropriate information;
      2. information about alcohol and tobacco products, gambling and quick loans;
      3. incitement of hatred and violence or calls to illegal action;
      4. personal data (personal ID code, information about health of a person, home address, phone number, etc.);
      5. off-topic links, spam, advertising;
      6. obscene expressions and vulgarities;
      7. suggestions to use drugs or weapons.
  6. Where the User discovers any inappropriate materials he/she can inform the Service Provider either by using the feedback form on eKool website or email address
  7. The Service Provider has the right to remove any inappropriate materials
  8. The Parties are obliged to immediately inform each other about any current or potential threat to safety or stability. Where such threat is present, the Service Provider has the right to unilaterally and without prior notification change possibilities of adding, sharing, deleting and using the Materials or limit user access to the file sharing environment.
  9. The User has the right to use the Materials solely for personal needs, considering holders of any intellectual property rights. The User is personally responsible for fulfilling requirements of legal acts and is aware that by downloading the Materials he/she does not acquire a copyright with their regard. The User is aware that violation of intellectual property rights may result in civil or criminal liability, including an obligation to compensate any inflicted damage.
  10. The Service Provider may change these conditions, having informed the User about the changes and additions at least within 15 calendar days before such changes and additions come into force. Where within 15 calendar days the User does not inform about his/her desire to stop using the service, the Service Provider considers that the User has accepted the changes and does not have any complaints with their regard.
  11. The Service Provider shall only be responsible for direct material damage inflicted by the Service Provider to the User as a result of breach of these conditions. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for accuracy and content of the Materials or for any consequence of their use.
  12. The User confirms that he/she is familiar with conditions for adding, sharing, deleting and using the Materials, agrees with the conditions and shall abide by them.
  13. Users under 18 years of age confirm that they have familiarized with conditions for adding, sharing, deleting and using the Materials together with their parents or guardians.